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Things To Look For With Law Firm’s Website Design

A law firm is going to need a foundation before it starts progressing forward with its business.

If you are not thinking about what your website is going to look like, you are not doing enough as a law firm. You need to have the website looking fantastic as soon as the business is ready to move forward with its marketing campaigns. You need to find a good web design to get drive more clients to your business.

If your website lacks in quality, it is going to come across as if your law firm lacks in quality too.

Here are the things you need to look for with the law firm’s website design.

1) Speed

You are going to need speed when it comes to a website. If it doesn’t work quickly, you are going to lose a lot of clients because they will not want to stay. They are going to rush away because there are better options out there for them to go with.

Imagine if you were on the other end of things, would you stay on a slow website that is lagging everything you click? No, you wouldn’t!

This is why the design should be optimized for speed, so it loads quickly.

2) Aesthetics

How does the website look when the client pops on for the first time?

Yes, you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but you know that isn’t how people think in this day and age. In fact, their first impression is going to matter a lot, and they will make sure to move forward based on that impression as well.

If you present yourself a professional law firm that is worth their time they are going to jump onboard. You need to make sure this is a website that looks aesthetically pleasing from all angles. Until that happens, you are not going to enjoy the results at all.

3) Accessibility

Is the website as accessible as it needs to be? You have to think about this as well.

The accessibility of a website matters because you are going to have clients from various parts of the city. For example, is your site able to translate for other communities (i.e. Hindi, Urdu, Arabic, French)? Is it accessible for those who are blind or deaf?

This is something you are going to need to look into as soon as possible because it does matter. It might be the difference between getting a client and not getting a client.

4) Usability

The site should always be usable, and this means you don’t want a series of tabs that don’t go anywhere. This is one of the most frustrating parts of any website that has been designed poorly. You will see websites where there are layers of pages that are impossible to find.

No one wants to play lost and found when it comes to your site.

They want simple information that is presented right on the front page or after one click. Anything more and you are wasting their time, which is never going to go down well with them.

5) Security

The site should be secure because you are seeing people come in that trust you. If you are not putting forward a secure site, you are putting them at risk, which is not going to look good when you try to secure them as clients. Make sure your site has the right SSL certificate and is protected.

If you have any doubts, have the website scanned by a specialist to see if it is secure or not. This will shed a lot of light on what you have in place and if it will yield good results.

6) Easy To Read Information

The information that you are putting up on the site should be easy to read. This doesn’t mean the words should be easy to read (which is important!) but how the words are written. You want to make it clear based on the font and size you are using.

Don’t leave the writing as if you are penning a fine print at the bottom of a pop can.

No, you need to do a lot more and make sure people can come on the site, read what is on offer, and make a decision. If you put a hitch in this process, you will lose clients in a hurry.

7) Balance of Text and Images

Do you have a right balance of text and images on your website or is it favored towards text? This is something you are going to need to analyze as soon as you get the opportunity. You don’t want to leave things to the point where it doesn’t work out at all.

Many people don’t look at the balance of text and images on their website, and that is the reason they struggle. People don’t want to go to a website that is a wall of text in this day and age. They want something that’s interactive and doesn’t take them for granted.

As long as you are looking for these things and moving forward with a plan in mind, you’re going to be well on your way to an excellent website. It is going to take the time to flesh things out and make the most of what you are doing, but it will be possible to make things happen as long as you are on this path.

Keep this as a checklist while you progress towards a great website.